Seashell Wreath Cross Stitch

I’ve been bitten by the cross stitch bug. It started with the desserts, and now it’s snowballed into this:

Seashell Wreath pattern

It’s another Christmas gift, but I haven’t settled on the recipient yet. I’ve been far too busy squinting at this infernal pattern.

I love the pattern – rather, I love the finished piece that following the pattern will lead to. But CHEESE AND RICE is it hard to follow! I tried photocopying, enlarging, scanning, and nothing made it any easier to read than the original. So I’m stuck with punching holes in the pattern after every couple of stitches to mark my place (which you can vaguely see in the picture above – if you click through to flickr, it’s a little more clear).

But it’s very pretty.


And so is the floss.



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