We can be them two birds of a feather

Cotton is the traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary.

(Wait, I mean the second anniversary, not the second wedding…*shakes fist at misplaced modifiers*)

Lucky for Will, I just happened to have some Aida 14-ct fabric hanging around.


Really, what better way to commemorate the love, devotion, and commitment of two people than with a Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog cross stitch?

THERE IS NO BETTER WAY. Because I said so.
Dr. Horrible
Here, have a slideshow.

You can play I Spy!

Some things to look for:

-Bride-to-be in sweatpants. Hottt.
-A cameo by Roo, who I really wanted to be our ringbearer but he’s just not that coordinated.
-My sister writing her toast 10 minutes before she gave it. It was fantastic and made me cry. Procrastination for the win!
-Will and I drinking from that silver cup at the same time (German wedding tradition) while I try really, really hard not to spill BRIGHT RED punch on my dress.
-Making portraits beside a field and a barn. Not pictured – the dead tick I found in my hair the next morning.
-My homemade wedding bouquet.

*EDIT: I fat-fingered the caption on the slideshow. Our anniversary is TODAY, May 1, NOT May 10. I do know what day I got married, I swear. I’ll fix it when I get home tonight.

Pattern by Wee Little Stitches. Lovely wedding photography by Beth Oram and Chris Mulready.

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