Call me, maybe?

I’ve been making some changes to the website (more to come – stay tuned!), and I thought I’d take a break from the spring fall cleaning to talk about the different ways you can connect with Crafty Sheep.

If you’d like to have Crafty Sheep updates delivered right to your (electronic) doorstep, this is the way to go!

Enter your email in the box below and you’ll get a crafty, inspiring note whenever new content is added to the site.

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Note to current email subscribers – I switched to a new email service this week, so your Crafty Sheep updates may look a little different. I’m hoping it was a seamless transition, but if you have any problems, please let me know.

RSS stands for “rich site summary”, and it means you can get Crafty Sheep updates in your feed reader (like Google Reader – that’s my blog reader of choice!). If you’d like to subscribe to the Crafty Sheep RSS feed, click here.

Have you liked Crafty Sheep on facebook? Go on, I’ll wait. All set? Great! The Crafty Sheep facebook page is where you’ll find quick updates that don’t fit in a blog post and other cool, creative stuff I find around the Interwebs.

You can also join the flickr group! That’s where all the color challenge projects live. I hope you’ll join us for the next challenge!

Oh, pinterest, my darling. If you haven’t gotten quite enough cute today, you can follow me on pinterest. I pin cartoons to make you laugh, recipes to make you drool, and all kinds of pretty things to inspire you and fire up your own creativity.

And finally, you can drop me a line! My email address is alexis {at} craftysheep {dot} net, and I’d love to hear from you (I know everyone says that, but it’s true!). If you have any suggestions for Crafty Sheep, find a bug on the site, or just want to share something cool you made and say hi – that would be just marvelous.

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