With a spur-of-the-moment decision that I will probably regret in about three days, I’ve joined NaBloPoMo!

November is National Blog Posting Month – get it? If you are even more into torturing yourself with nearly impossible goals than I am, it’s also National Novel Writing Month. But here at Crafty Sheep we don’t pay attention to the crazy people who do that.

Pay attention. The NaBloPoMo rules are tricky.

1. Post every day in the month of November

(Ok, I lied. That’s it.)

I’ve never participated before but I have no doubt it will be wonderful and inspiring and turn me into a veritable font of creativity.

I’m also quite sure there will be some nights where you’ll find me weeping softly over my keyboard because it’s 11:59pm and I haven’t posted anything yet.

If you’re also joining in the insanity fun, let me know in the comments! There’s also an official sign-up thingy, if you want to get a badge and possibly win prizes. Which, OF COURSE.

Here we gooooooooooooooooo!

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