Happy Helmraths

Hey, did you know I had a baby?


Of course you did, because it’s all I’ve been writing about since August.

I wasn’t sure in exactly what ways the blog would change once Miss Natalie burst onto the scene. I posted here and there about my pregnancy, but still had other projects to break up all the baby talk.

But now?

Welcome to Crafty Sheep: All Baby All the Time!

I give major props to women who are able to have a baby and maintain a sense of continuity on their blog. Elise, Bonnie, and Amy all come to mind. They’ve incorporated their pregnancies and babies to varying degrees on their blogs with, I believe, a lovely balance of their regular content.

“Balanced” is not a word I’d use to describe my life at the moment, and I’m ok with that. I have far less time for craft projects, but find myself writing more and more about life as a new mom.

I’ve kept quite a bit of it off the blog for fear of, you know, boring you all to death with no crafts and all baby photos, but now I’ve reached a point where the torrent of words about Natalie and parenting in general has overflowed into an entirely new venture.

And so I present to you Happy Helmraths, my new personal blog where I am not worrying one whit about too many baby pictures.

I’m not sure what this means for Crafty Sheep, given the hugely compressed window of free time in which I used to use to make things. I think most of my new content will be at Happy Helmraths, but I might pop back in here every once in a while.

I am taking on a great big new craft project, but I’m giving myself a LOT of time to do it. If you’re interested in following along, please stop by Happy Helmraths. Here’s a photo hint:

2013-10-15 11.59.30-2

This is not goodbye; just ta-ta for now! I hope to see you at the new blog, but completely understand if that’s not your thing.

Big hugs all around and a heartfelt thank you for reading!

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