Sunday Stitching


When the weather gets chilly, I need to knit lace.

It’s not a simple, “hmm, it would be nice to knit a shawl” kind of feeling. I get obsessed and nothing will clear the thought from my head except casting on for a new lace project.

Rooting around in my yarn drawer unearthed this nearly-fingering weight variegated yarn. I have long since lost the ball band, so I can’t tell you what brand or even what fiber content. (Just that it’s not wool – partly rayon, maybe? It’s awfully shiny in person.)

Some quick Ravelry searching lead me to the Glam Shells pattern, and it’s perfect. After the initial setup, it’s a simple 10-row repeat that’s easily memorized. One glance at it tells you exactly where you are and what you need to do next (except when a fat blond cat sits on your needles and pulls a half dozen stitches off).

I’ve been working on it for almost a week and I’d say I’m about halfway there. I’m excited to get to the edging, since that’s always the most exciting part of lace knitting.

I totally just used “exciting” and “lace knitting” in the same sentence. Don’t judge.

That’s what I’m up to this Sunday. What’s on your needles?

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