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Happy birthday, Dad!

Today I’m taking a little break from our regularly scheduled programming to wish my dad a very happy birthday.

Dad and me on the day I was born. Movember wasn’t even a thing back then – that’s how far ahead of the curve my dad was.

He’s always been such a trend-setter.

Christmas 1985, a month before my first birthday. If my husband and I were to buy a house in Boston today, this is what we could afford! Ha ha! The housing market is funny.

Ahem. I’m so grateful to my dad for everything he’s taught me – to take pride in your work and always do the very best job that you can, to keep your sense of humor intact even in the face of the not-so-great stuff that life throws at you, and, most importantly, how to mix a good black Russian.

 Here’s to you, dad – you’re the best and I love you.

And I’m sorry for the knee and back problems that can probably be traced back to the day you squished yourself into that tiny, plastic house.

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Monday Miscellany

Some thoughts for this Monday, in no particular order and of no particular concern.


I’m getting the urge to knit again. Right around this time every year is when I start to freak out because summer is totally OVER and WINTER IS COMING EVERYBODY PANIC.

Yep, I’m aware it’s still July. Yep, I know we have another couple of months before it starts to get cold. Your logic is of no concern to me! My brain wants to knit a sweater. Specifically, this one (Ravelry link):

Pretty, yes? The yarn is quite spendy (Lorna’s Laces Honor), so right now I’m looking for alternatives that won’t set me back $100 for the sweater. Although I might spring for the Lorna’s Laces for the chevrons, and get something that’s a little more thrifty for the main color.

We have a beach day coming up sometime in August (TBD when we can see the weather forecast), and I’d like to bring this project along. Yeah, I’m the weirdo that knits on the beach.


Confession: I haven’t started my July Color Challenge project yet. But I’m thinking I might step outside my comfort zone this month and do some sewing instead of just straight up embroidery. Nothing overwhelmingly complicated – I’m thinking a simple sleeve for my coffee mug. I haven’t chosen a pattern yet, but if you google “fabric coffee cup sleeve” there are eleventy billion results, so I’m sure I can find something!


Did I tell you that I’m running a half marathon? If not…surprise, I’m running a half marathon! Will and I will both be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon in September. Training is going well – no real injuries to speak of since this post. Our long runs are already up to 10 miles, so I’m feeling confident (we’ll see if that changes in a month!).


Boooooooooored. We’re sooo boooored. But still super cute.
Bored cats

That’s all for now.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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We can be them two birds of a feather

Cotton is the traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary.

(Wait, I mean the second anniversary, not the second wedding…*shakes fist at misplaced modifiers*)

Lucky for Will, I just happened to have some Aida 14-ct fabric hanging around.


Really, what better way to commemorate the love, devotion, and commitment of two people than with a Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog cross stitch?

THERE IS NO BETTER WAY. Because I said so.
Dr. Horrible
Here, have a slideshow.

You can play I Spy!

Some things to look for:

-Bride-to-be in sweatpants. Hottt.
-A cameo by Roo, who I really wanted to be our ringbearer but he’s just not that coordinated.
-My sister writing her toast 10 minutes before she gave it. It was fantastic and made me cry. Procrastination for the win!
-Will and I drinking from that silver cup at the same time (German wedding tradition) while I try really, really hard not to spill BRIGHT RED punch on my dress.
-Making portraits beside a field and a barn. Not pictured – the dead tick I found in my hair the next morning.
-My homemade wedding bouquet.

*EDIT: I fat-fingered the caption on the slideshow. Our anniversary is TODAY, May 1, NOT May 10. I do know what day I got married, I swear. I’ll fix it when I get home tonight.

Pattern by Wee Little Stitches. Lovely wedding photography by Beth Oram and Chris Mulready.
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In which I don’t really talk about crafts much at all

Nope, not a craft project.

This is what’s been occupying my time lately in lieu of crafty things.

(the 3rd book is CORE Performance, not ORE Performance – I have no interest in mining)

You see, running and I have always had a relationship like a couple of teenagers – on-again, off-again, I LOVE YOU AND CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU one day, I HATE YOU WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS the next.

Right now we’re back on, but it’s more like an abusive relationship than anything else. Twinges in my knees, tight hip flexors, and a literal pain in the butt.

I want to run. I want to run so, so badly. But weak core muscles have given me an odd, bendy stride, where my hip drops with each step and my knees don’t track in a straight line, but turn slightly inwards and brush together.

It’s not pretty. It’s not that healthy, either.

As much as I DON’T WANT TO, I have to fix this. Getting stronger and more flexible is the only way that I’ll be able to run without hurting myself.

So instead of curling up on the couch with my cross stitch at the end of the day, I dive into these books, and I work out.

It’s a slow, frustrating process. I’m correcting 27 years’ worth of bad habits (standing cross-legged, sitting like a W), so it won’t happen overnight.

Plus I hate doing squats and lunges. And every books says to do squats and lunges. Damn you, books, and your science-y science!

I’ve registered for a series of 5-k races that take place this summer, one a month from May til September. I did the series a few years ago and it was great, so I’m really excited to do it again. Hopefully I’ll see lots of progress between now and then! Plus, you know, not crippling myself at the races. That’d be nice, too.

This new obsession focus doesn’t mean anything for the blog – I’ve got a long list of projects that I want to do, and I definitely want to keep the color challenge going.

The only difference is that I’ll have EARNED my sitting-on-my-butt time, instead of going straight from my office chair to my couch.

Hey, don’t worry. I couldn’t have you head into the weekend without any crafty pictures. Here are a few pieces that I’ve been enjoying on flickr lately. Happy Friday! May your weekend be lovely and injury-free.

1. A, 2. תיק ריקמה קטן, 3. Stitch Swap Item, 4. Hedgehog stories in tiny polaroid photos felt brooch – portable instant memories, 5. Love Robots Embroidery Hoop, 6. Today I Will Be Happier Than A Corgi On Stilts, 7. day 162b, 8. DSCN0347, 9. red berries
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