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Sunday Stitching


When the weather gets chilly, I need to knit lace.

It’s not a simple, “hmm, it would be nice to knit a shawl” kind of feeling. I get obsessed and nothing will clear the thought from my head except casting on for a new lace project.

Rooting around in my yarn drawer unearthed this nearly-fingering weight variegated yarn. I have long since lost the ball band, so I can’t tell you what brand or even what fiber content. (Just that it’s not wool – partly rayon, maybe? It’s awfully shiny in person.)

Some quick Ravelry searching lead me to the Glam Shells pattern, and it’s perfect. After the initial setup, it’s a simple 10-row repeat that’s easily memorized. One glance at it tells you exactly where you are and what you need to do next (except when a fat blond cat sits on your needles and pulls a half dozen stitches off).

I’ve been working on it for almost a week and I’d say I’m about halfway there. I’m excited to get to the edging, since that’s always the most exciting part of lace knitting.

I totally just used “exciting” and “lace knitting” in the same sentence. Don’t judge.

That’s what I’m up to this Sunday. What’s on your needles?

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Sunday Stitching

My cross stitch buddy  #woodlandsampler

I successfully finished my Dessert of the Month samplers (both of them – pictures to come!) and immediately jumped into the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery 2013 pattern club – woodland! There’s not much to see in this picture except the names of the months and my super cute, super sleepy stitching buddy, so hop on over to their facebook page to see work-in-progress pictures from other amazing stitchers and their shop to join in.

My birthday was in January, so I treated myself to the Cosmo floss bundle from The Workroom. It arrived nicely bundled with a hand-written note from my new BFF, Rosalyn. After I placed my order she even emailed me to see if I was interested in the linen fabric that they had just gotten back in stock (I already had my linen, but the personal email was a very nice touch!).
Floss bundle from The Workroom

I’m going to be totally honest with you – I really don’t see that big of a difference between DMC floss and the Cosmo floss. I think that maybe, just maybe, the Cosmo floss doesn’t tangle as much, but it could also be that I’m more careful not to let it get so wound up.


The Cosmo sparkle floss (you can see it on the far right of the picture above)….ohhh, my preciousssss. I’ve been using DMC metallic thread for another sampler that I’m working on, and I hate it. HATE. IT. The sparkle floss, on the other hand, really is a dream to work with.

So my suggestion would be to save your pennies on the regular embroidery floss, and splurge on the sparkle floss. I have my eye on this set of all seven colors.

Ooh, aah, etc.

It’s very pricey but if you have a lot of stitching to do with metallic or sparkly floss, I’d go with that.


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Sunday Stitching

The cutest little ice skate you've ever seen.
Working away on the Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown. Isn’t that the cutest little ice skate you’ve ever seen?

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Sunday Stitching

Sunday stitching

Coffee and the Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown…what are you working on this weekend?

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