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September Color Challenge – Fallen Hues

This month’s color palette is fallen hues. Excellent choice! Very fitting for September.

Did you notice a new link in the menu bar up top for the Color Challenge page? Check it out – all of the challenge guidelines are there, as well as past color palettes and wrap-up posts with all your projects.

Here are this month’s floss suggestions:

This is definitely going to be a fun one! Be sure to post your project photos to the flickr group – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Grab a badge and let’s get crafty!

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Color Challenge Resources – Free Patterns!

How’s your April color challenge piece coming along? Need some ideas? I’ve got you covered.

These patterns are all free or very close to it, but please consider supporting these shops and purchasing a pattern!

(I’m not an affiliate for any of the links below; I just like promoting fellow crafters!)

  • Hancock’s House of Happy has some great cross stitch patterns. For a lot of the patterns you could substitute the challenge colors for the suggested ones. I’m working on this bunny for my challenge piece:

Happy stitching!

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April Color Challenge – Sweet Neon

**UPDATE! I made a flickr group for this challenge. Please join the group and add your photos here!**

I’m  a strong believer in challenging yourself creatively by setting limits on your work. I don’t find this constraining at all –  I think that working within certain guidelines can be quite freeing, because it limits the amount of decisions you have to make.

An unlimited number of choices – What pattern? What size? What colors? What medium? Should I add felt? – can sometimes lead to brain overload and the inability to decide on anything. And also to sitting on the couch complaining about having nothing to doooo, I’m just gonna watch Netflix for five hours straight.

This could work any way you want it to, which is why it’s so great!

  • You could choose a certain size for your project and work with a particular theme (like making a 4″ embroidery piece that features birds, which is what I did for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap).
  • Or following a line drawing for a pattern, but you go wild with colors.
  • Or working within a certain color palette, with the rest of the piece limited only by your imagination…which is what I’m doing this month.

Color Challenge!

I’ve never done a color challenge before, so I decided to start one! I’m using the colors from the Design Seeds palette “Sweet Neon.”

I chose floss colors from my stash that match pretty closely – here they are, along with the DMC color numbers for those of you who are curious. They’re not exact, but making it perfect is not my goal (also? Impossible. And paralyzing).

April Color Challenge - floss suggestions

I have no idea what I’m going to make. The colors look very much like summer to me, so I might go in that direction. Or it might be a free-form, unstructured design. Who knows? That’s half the fun!

I’d be thrilled if you wanted to join in with this challenge. At the end of the month I’ll be posting pictures of your projects (any medium is welcome, not just fiber arts!) in a roundup with links back to your blogs.

Here are the rules:

  • Use the colors from the Sweet Neon palette
  • Make whatever you want
  • Send me pictures of your projects on or before April 30 (or a link to your blog where I can find the picture, your flickr page, etc – whatever works!)

Super strict, I know.

I’m very excited about this and hope to see what you can come up with, too!

Grab a badge! Get stitching! (or whatever – just do your thang, girl)

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